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Edit Your Life (And Your Wedding) With Sage Grayson

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I’m participating in the Blog Party for Sage Grayson’s Life Editing for Beginners program! In this 5-week group coaching program, you’ll learn the Life Editing Process and how to delete bad influences, add good habits and routines, and rearrange the parts of your life into a perfect flow.

You get daily emails, 10 videos, 10 worksheets, 5 weekly interactive webinars, a private Facebook group, weekly challenges, plus other fun surprises! Doors are open now, so click here to sign up today!

I’m a Life Editor…and so are you! So keep reading to learn about my experience with Life Editing for Beginners and how you can use it in any area of your life.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a bit of a self-help junkie. Always have been. Growth is one of my core values and I love reading about ways I can grow as a person and improve my life. One of my favorite self-improvement blogs is Sage Grayson’s. Sage is not your typical life coach. She’s fun and bubbly and motivating, and also tough and serious when she needs to dole out a reality check. And she has a 90s music reference to go with just about anything! (I can relate any situation to an episode of Friends, so Sage and I are a good match.)

So when the opportunity arose to be a beta tester for Sage’s new program, Life Editing for Beginners, I jumped on it! Actually, I didn’t quite jump. I wrote to her with questions and considered whether the program would be a good fit, and debated between this and another course that was starting on the same day. I knew that to get anything out of the program, I’d have to actually do the exercises, and I wanted to be sure I could commit the time. Luckily, Sage wrote right back, answered my questions, and I listened to my gut and signed up.

Let’s get right down to what makes this program different than the myriad of other self help programs out there. Sage used to be a book editor, and she’s taken that experience and crafted what she calls the Life Editing Process. It’s simple, it’s repeatable, and it’s super powerful.

What I love about this process is that you can apply it to any part of your life you want to edit. Or to your whole life, even! I started the program taking sort of a “whole life” approach. Even though I have a ton to be grateful for in my life (which became even clearer on the first day when we listed those things!) I constantly felt like I had too balls in the air. As I juggle my business, my family, and my friends, no one ever had my full attention. I was always thinking about which ball I had to catch next. By the end, though, I started to gain clarity about which areas of my life I wanted to focus on changing first. And I can see how little changes in one area will impact all the other areas.

I adopted a daily gratitude practice, cut back on Facebook time, added yoga and sketching to my daily routine, rearranged my schedule into manageable shifts (I'll write more about this idea in a few weeks!) and started scheduling monthly massages. It was definitely the kick I needed to start getting my life in gear.

But instead of going on forever gushing about my own life, let’s try the process out! You really can apply it to anything, so whether you're a parent, a student, or a career girl (or guy), this program is going to be super beneficial for you. Most of my readers are getting married, though, so let's talk about that!

Wedding planning can be a super stressful time, and most of us don’t have a clear road map for how it’s all supposed to get done. Planning a wedding could really be a full time job, and since most couples already have full time jobs (and/or are full time students or full time parents) it’s pretty overwhelming! Let’s look at how Sage’s Life Editing Process can help you feel more calm and in control of your wedding:

Step 1 - Create a Foundation

This step is all about recognizing the foundation you already have. What is the foundation of your wedding? You and your partner! Your love for each other! And the love you share with your friends and family who want to celebrate with you. This love is your rock. Whenever wedding planning gets insane, come back to this foundation and remember why you’re getting married in the first place. It’s not all about the bridesmaid dresses and the table assignments. It is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other.

TO DO: make a list of things you love about your partner and why you’re getting married. Keep it in your wedding binder (or whatever you’re using to stay organized) and refer to it when things get crazy.

Step 2 - Delete Negative Influences

You can’t really enjoy all the greatness in life if you’re bogged down by negative things. The same is true of your wedding! Whatever’s stressing you out, there’s probably some deleting that needs to happen. What road blocks are you running into as you plan your wedding? Maybe you need to pare down your guest list to keep your wedding small and intimate--the feeling you were going for all along. Maybe you can let go of unnecessary details so you can free up room in the budget for what’s truly important to you. Maybe it’s time to tell your future mother in law that while you appreciate her advice, this is your day, and you and your partner will be making the decisions. Or maybe you just need to let go of antiquated ideas of what you “should” be doing, and plan your day in a way that makes sense to you! Deleting is a scary step. Even when we’re deleting negative things, it’s hard to let go of ideas we once had, to prioritize one thing over another, and especially to tell people no. But I promise--if you can delete a few negative influences, you’ll have so much more fun planning your wedding.

TO DO: What’s not going well in the planning process? Choose just one thing you can delete--whether it’s an idea, a task, something that costs money, or even a person’s influence. Make the decision to let it go and see what kind of room it frees up.

Step 3 - Add the good stuff

Now that you’ve deleted the stuff you don’t want at your wedding, you have room to add in what you do want! What would make your day truly magical? I recommend choosing 3 big “musts” and 3 little details. What are your must-haves? The 3 most important elements of your big day? (For me it was hiring the ultimate photographer, serving killer barbeque, and keeping the dance floor full all night.) And what little details will be special and memorable for you and your guests? Choosing 3 will keep you from spinning into detail overwhelm, but give you something fun during the planning process. (My 3 details were custom-brewed beer, fun escort cards, and these cake toppers!)

TO DO: Have fun brainstorming! Make a list of 3 special little details and decide on your 3 big "musts." Keep this list at the front of your wedding binder, and when things get stressful, remind yourself of the fun that's in store.

Step 4 - Rearrange into a perfect flow

Even when you’re planning something fun, it’s still a lot of work. What would make the work seem less like work and flow better? The biggest thing I learned from Sage is that it’s ok to experiment! I’ve been experimenting with my daily work schedule to find a little more of that elusive work/life balance I keep hearing about. You can experience with your wedding planning routines! Maybe you’ll set aside an hour a day to work on wedding tasks. Or maybe you spend every Sunday morning knocking out your to do list. And as Becca suggested in last week’s post--delegate, delegate, delegate!

TO DO: Look at your planner for this week and block off some dedicated wedding planning time. If you've been planning on weekends, experiment with planning for a few minutes each day after work. If you've been dedicating your lunch hours to pinterest, try blocking off a Saturday morning for meeting with vendors in person. Play with your schedule and have fun!

Step 5 - Make room for white space

Like I said before, wedding planning is a full time job! So pile that on top of your other job(s) and it’s easy to lose that all-important time for self care. You want to enjoy your big day, right? Then block out some time to take care of yourself. Schedule a pedicure, a couple massages, and a few date nights with that sweetie of yours between now and your wedding. 

TO DO: Stop what you’re doing (it’s okay, I’ll wait.) call and make appointments, and write them down in your planner right now.

See how easy and fun that is? Want to learn how to incorporate this process into any area of your life? Oh and make awesome friends along the way? (Yeah! The program comes with friends! Bonus!) Then you’ve gotta sign up for Sage’s Life Editing for Beginners program! The doors are open right now, and the program starts on September 8th, so hurry!

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