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Real Fresh Weddings - Becca and Marc's Fun and Festive Purple and Lime Wedding

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This weekend, my best friend and her husband celebrated their one year anniversary! So to celebrate, I’m launching a new monthly feature--Real Fresh Weddings! I hope you can draw some inspiration for your own wedding from Becca and Marc’s story. And if you’ve worked with me and would like to share your own wedding, I would love to feature you! drop me a line!

Everything about Becca and Marc’s wedding was fun. I had a blast working with them to design invitations and day-of-wedding stationery (they’re the original inspiration behind the confetti collection!) and helping them find Portland vendors that could make their vision a reality. From the moment Becca walked out until the very last dance, everyone could feel the love between these two!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

The entire day was really amazing. Having (nearly) everyone I love all in one place was the greatest feeling. I think my favorite moment was my "first look" with Marc. We had our pictures done before the wedding, so we wanted to capture a picture of us seeing each other for the first time. We did the pictures at Washington Park - Marc was at the top of the stairs, facing away from me. I walked up the stairs and tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned around to see me all ready for our big day. I hadn't seen Marc since the rehearsal dinner the night before, but for some reason it felt like it had been days. I felt unbelievably relieved and happy to be with him again, and I think that moment is when everything started to feel real.

What design elements did you keep in mind when planning your wedding? Did you have a theme?

I don't think I'd say we had a theme , but I remember you asking when you were designing the invitation what we were looking for - classic, rustic, modern, etc.. I said "fun." Whenever I made a decision about the wedding, I tried to pick whatever would be the most fun!

Becca and Marc Auten | Purple and Lime Wedding Details | Real Fresh Weddings | Fresh Paper Studios

Confetti invitations and custom map for Becca and Marc by Fresh Paper Studios

What special traditions did you incorporate into your ceremony?

We wanted to honor our culture and heritage in a way that would be meaningful to our families. To celebrate my Irish heritage, we included the Irish handfasting ceremony, which dates back to the time of the ancient Celts. Our officiant tied our hands together with ribbon to symbolize that we are bound by our love and commitment to each other. At the end of the ceremony, he took the ribbon off, but left it tied together to symbolize our dedication to each other. Then, to celebrate Marc's Jewish heritage, we each drank wine from the Kiddush cup. The Kiddush cup symbolized a blessing of joy and abundance on our marriage. We used the cup that Marc was given at his Bar Mitzvah, so it was particularly special. We also honored Marc's heritage by incorporating the breaking of the glass. The breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony symbolized that, like the glass, our commitment to each other is irrevocable and permanent.

Becca and Mark Auten Ceremony Traditions | Real Fresh Weddings | Fresh Paper Studios

You had some pretty awesome music choices. Tell me about those!

The hardest decision was deciding what song would play as we walked down the aisle. I spent an afternoon listening to Vitamin String Quartet, which does string quartet versions of popular songs. My sister realized they had TWO tribute albums to the band Rush, which is Marc's all time favorite. We picked Closer to the Heart to play as he walked in because it had the word "heart" in the title, although I don't think it's a love song at all. I walked in to a string quartet version of Here Comes the Sun.

Picking our first dance song was pretty much a no-brainer: Forever, by Jesse and the Rippers. I don't know why anyone would pick anything else. Didn't everyone dream of being either Becky Donaldson or Jesse Katsopolis? If not, Marc and I are truly perfect for each other.

I sent out emails before the wedding to my friends, my parents, and their friends, asking what songs I should play to get everyone dancing. That's how we picked songs ranging from The Way You Look Tonight to No Diggity. It also might be why our dance floor was packed all night (but that also might be thanks to the open bar).

What advice do you have for couples planning their upcoming weddings?

Delegate. Talk to your married friends and make a list of all the things you'll need to sort out - big things that you'll need right away (venue, photographer) and little things that you might forget (guest book, welcome bags for out-of-town guests). In my experience, lots of people genuinely wanted to help, and there was so much to do. It was great to have a list so that I knew what I needed to do and what I could delegate. Also, as I'm sure everyone says - enjoy it. Being engaged is awesome. (Not as awesome as being married, but still awesome.)

Your wedding. Three words. Go.

Fun. Authentic. Perfect.

Let’s give a shout out to your awesome vendors!

Venue & Catering: Multnomah Athletic Club

Photographer: Annie Helen

Invitations/Paper Goods: Fresh Paper Studios!

Cake: Cupcakes from Cupcake Jones

Flowers: Flora Designs

DJ Rich Ellis with ProDJs

Dress/Suit/Accessories: David's Bridal & Men's Wearhouse; Jewelry from Little Shop of Drawers

Favors: JaCiva's

Thank you Becca and Marc for including me in your big day and for letting me share it with the world! And a huge thanks to Annie Helen for sharing all of these awesome photos! Now it’s your turn! I’d love to see how you designed your big day. Let’s share your wedding and inspire other couples while planning theirs! If you’re interested in being a part of Real Fresh Weddings, email me today!

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