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Create A Stunning Image for Pinterest in Ten Minutes (and My Venture Back Into Teaching)

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How to Make Free Pinterest Images with Canva

Some of you know that I was a middle school math teacher in a past life. It was really awesome, actually! And lately I've been missing it. Teaching is a huge part of who I am. I was that nerdy kid who played school during recess and after school and in the summer. And as the years that I've been out of the classroom start to add up, I miss the high of teaching more and more.

But I also love my job right now! Creativity is also a huge part of who I am--and a part that wasn't nourished while I was working in the public school system. And I love business. Running a business is like a giant, ever-changing math problem. Frustrating and elusive at times, but also thrilling and satisfying. And more than that, I love connecting with other business owners--especially those who are in my boat, trying to make a little dream happen from their basement while their preschoolers climb all over their desks and destroy their highlighters.

So I've had this itch to get back into teaching for months and months now. But I really didn't know what to teach! What do people want to know? Who should I teach? Brides (who make up the majority of my clients)? Aspiring designers? Other business owners?

I've also suffered from the all-too-familiar Imposter Complex. There was no doubt that I was qualified to teach Algebra. I was a rockstar at Algebra. And I had a shiny Master's Degree to prove it. I was also not a rockstar middle school student, so I understood how to reach the kids who were not quite rockin' it. But who am I to teach anyone about design or business or anything else?

But you know what? Everyone has those thoughts. No one feels like an expert--even the experts! So after what feels like a million days of thinking about teaching and doing very little to move toward it, I decided it was time to get over that. And it was time to get over wondering who to teach and what to teach them.

I just had to start somewhere!

So I jumped on one of my favorite facebook groups--a group of local business owners who are moms--and asked, "What do you want to learn how to design for your business?" I waited for a few folks to chime in, I picked an idea I knew I could complete in a day, and I went with it!

Behold! My first tutorial!

(Warning: This is my very first video tutorial, and I was navigating iMovie on the fly, so I'm a bit awkward, and a couple of the transitions in the beginning are jumpy! But stick with me, I'm getting better!)

Here's a quick recap of the steps I outline in the video (for those of you who like to read more than you like to watch. I can respect that!)

Step 1: Create a free account with Canva and log in.

Step 2: From the main page, click "More," then scroll down to "Social Media Posts" and choose "Pinterest Graphic."

Step 3: Choose a template that you like from the selections on the left. There are tons of them, and they're all free!

Step 4: Delete the photo that comes with the template and upload your own photo. (I chose a free stock photo from Death to the Stock Photo.)

Step 5: Edit the text by clicking on each text box and typing in your own text

Step 6: Add new text (if needed). Change the font, size, color, and spacing in the little gray box above the text box.

Step 7: Arrange text on the canvas by dragging text boxes to where you'd like them. To select multiple text boxes at once, draw a rectangle around the group.

Step 8: Download as an image, and a PNG file will go right to your downloads folder!

It's really as easy as that! And Canva is totally free, so really anybody can use it. And this month, Canva will be releasing Canva for Work, which looks amazing! Sign up to get early access right here!

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Want to know when I come out with new ones? Make sure you're  signed up to get my email updates! (I also send out free stuff every month. If you're not on the list, you're totally missing out!) Sign up here!


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